Another easy way to earn gift cards online is through Swagbucks Videos. There are a number of ways to access these videos and it takes little to no effort, just let some videos play in the background on your computer or smartphone and watch the Swagbucks accrue.

The first way to earn Swagbucks with videos is through the homepage. Just click on the “Watch” link in the left sidebar as you see below marked with a red arrow.

watch swagbucks videos to earn gift cards

After you click there, you will be taken to the main dashboard with all the different categories you can view. There’s fashion, entertainment, news, movies, stuff like that. It doesn’t really matter which one you click on (unless you are really intending on actively viewing the videos), as they all work the same.

Here’s a screenshot of what the main videos pages looks.

earn swagbucks with videos

As you see above, different categories earn you different amounts of SB. To earn more SB it requires you to watch more videos. For example, in the image above you can watch 15 videos in the Around America to earn 2 SB, 20 videos in the Top Sports Headlines to earn 4 SB, etc.

Click on any category you want and you’ll be taken to the video player. Here’s what it will look like.

Swagbucks Videos

watch videos to earn giftcards

While many of the videos are minutes long, you don’t actually have to watch the entire video to accrue towards your total. Usually after about 30 seconds or so, the # in the video thumbnail will turn to a checkmark (see the red arrow in the screenshot above), and the counter up above the thumbnails will mark off one video towards your total (the “Watch 19 more videos and earn 4 SB” will change to 18, 17, 16, etc.). Once you earn the checkmark, click on the next video and let that one play. Rinse and repeat until you watch enough to earn the SB, and then go back to the video dashboard and select another category.

Click below to join Swagbucks!

swagbucks rewards

If you have the time, Swagbucks videos can be lucrative – you can earn up to 500 SB every day by watching these videos! That’s some nice and easy way to earn Swagbucks for just letting videos play in the background.

You can also access these through the Swagbucks Toolbar extension. Just click on the icon that was installed on your browser, click on “Watch”, and repeat pretty much the same process as I describe above. For illustration, below is what the toolbar video screen looks like.

swagbucks toolbar videos

Once the SB meter increases by 10%, you can move on to the next video. Watch 10 videos to earn 3 SB!

You can also watch on your smartphone using the Swagbucks app or the SBTV app. Lots of ways to earn with Swagbucks videos!