Swagbucks is by far my favorite and most lucrative website to earn gift cards online with. There are so many different ways to earn points / rewards, the payout levels are the most easily attained, and it has arguably the widest selection of retailers to earn gift cards from. It also has a PayPal option so you can turn those points into cash to use on whatever you want!

The first thing you want to do is sign up for Swagbucks. Click the logo below to be taken to their site and get your account!

swagbucks rewards

In the upper-right part of the website, in the header, you’ll see your Swagbucks balance. Each point is equivalent to one cent ($0.01). So if  you have 100 points, you have $1.00. Don’t worry, your balance will be much higher than that very soon!

Once you’re there and signed up, there’s a ton of things you can do to start earning. Here’s the things I do daily:

  • The first thing you want to make sure you do is go to the To Do List on the left side of the page. Here you’ll find the Daily Poll (1 point), the Daily Crave (1 point), and the Daily Offers (2 points). That’s 4 easy points guaranteed every day and it takes seconds to complete. Be sure to do this every day you log on, it doesn’t get any easier.
  • Another way to earn is to install the Swagbucks toolbar. Use it at least once per day and you’ll earn 1 point! You don’t even have to have it enable/active all the time if you don’t want to, just enable it for a second, perform an action to earn your point, and turn it back off if you prefer.
  • Swagbucks Surveys. This is potentially the highest earning part of the site. Got a few minutes to spare? Click around in the surveys section and see if you qualify for any of them. You can earn up to a couple hundred points or more for some of them, a big help on your way to earn free gift cards!
  • Watch Swagbucks videos. This is basically having videos run, watching an ad, then the next video starts… rinse and repeat. You can access this through the Swagbucks toolbar the dashboard on the Swagbucks homepage, and also through the SB and SBTV apps. There’s different categories such as entertainment, movie trailers, fashion, recipes, etc. Let this run in the background in another tab or browser window and watch those points accrue!
  • Search and earn. Using either the search bar atop the SB homepage, or in the toolbar, or by defaulting your browser’s search engine to Swagbucks search, you can randomly earn points by performing internet searches.
  • Print coupons. There are a lot of great coupons to be had on the site that not only save you money while you are shopping, but also earn you Swagbucks! Win-win!
  • Shop & Earn. I wish I had started using this portion of the site sooner! There are so many stores affiliated with Swagbucks that I make purchases at anyways, I left so much money on the table by not using Shop & Earn earlier! Basically you use the Swagbucks site to navigate to the store of your choice (for me, it’s most often Amazon.com, though I’ve also used it at GuitarCenter.com and others) and you earn a certain number of Swagbucks per dollar spent. It varies from retailer to retailer how much you earn but if it’s, say, 5 points per dollar spent, that’s effectively getting you 5% off!
  • Join Bing Rewards. As of the time of this writing, they are offering a code for 500 Swagbucks for just 475 points. Search with Bing to earn more credits. Join here!
  • Referrals. Do you like Swagbucks and have friends or family that will similarly like to save money and earn gift cards! Tell them about it! You can find a unique referral code in your account info and pass it on to them, and you earn points when they do! Automatic earnings for doing nothing!

This is the site where I earn the most and is mostly responsible for getting all my holiday shopping done without spending a dime. I converted most of my bucks into Amazon.com gift cards and shopping was easy this year!

What are you waiting for? Click below to start earning some bucks now!

swagbucks rewards